Diagnostic Assessments

Psychometric tests are a standard scientific tool for measuring certain domains of an individual (eg. Mental capability, Behavioral Tendency, or Personality). After running psychometric tests, we can provide a diagnostic assessment, giving individuals a platform to make decisions pertaining to work, educational needs, or treatment plans (in the case of cognitive impairment). Our services are both for youths and adults.

Some of the psychometric tests we run include:

The WISC is designed to measure cognitive ability, and administered to individuals aged 6-16. It is one of the assessments used to diagnose learning disabilities such as ADHD and Dyslexia. The 4 domains that the WISC measures are:
a) Verbal Comprehension
b) Perceptual Reasoning
c) Working Memory
d) Processing Speed

The WIAT test assesses the academic skills of individuals aged 4 and above. This is typically administered in conjunction with the WISC for more accurate diagnosis. It measures aptitudes for 4 skills:
a) Reading
b) Mathematics
c) Writing
d) Oral Language

The WAIS is similar to the WISC, but designed to measure cognitive ability in youths and adults (aged 16+). Similar domains are assessed, with items normalised for a more mature age group. This test is used typically to identify cognitive deficits due to trauma, or mental disability.

Personality tests are becoming increasingly popular, and the MMPI is one such test. It is the most widely researched standardised psychometric test for adult personality. It can be used as a diagnostic tool for mental health problems, and general personality characteristics.

The RBANS is a neuropsychological assessment that tests for cognitive impairment. It is used to identify mild cognitive impairment. It measures cognitive ability across 5 domains, which are:
a) Immediate memory b) Visuospatial c) Language d) Attention e) Delayed memory

Psychometric Tests typically require anywhere between 2-8 hours to administer (can be separated into several sessions), whilst data analysis requires 10 working days, concluding with a comprehensive report and feedback thereafter.

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