Why is Our Mental Health so Important

Most of us face problems with our mental health at a certain point in our life. In fact, we experience feelings of stress and face stressors on a daily basis – whether it is to do with managing finances, doing well at work and in school, dealing with strained interpersonal relationships or adjusting to drastic life changes like the loss of a loved one. Unfortunately, not all of us are able to regulate and cope with such stress effectively. When it accumulates and gets swept under the carpet, it can take a toll on our mental health, making us more prone to mental illnesses like depression.

Take teenagers in Singapore for an example – a rising amount of teens have been found to commit suicide in recent years, where factors like stress-induced depression come into play. As such, our mental health is crucial for our well-being as it influences the way in which we think, feel and behave, which then determines the stress coping mechanisms we adopt. Thus, it is essential to be aware of the ways in which we can cope with mental health issues. In doing so, there are certain noteworthy tips that can help in managing our feelings and modifying our habits and behaviour patterns that may be responsible for poor mental health.

For starters, it is common to experience feelings of anger and annoyance from time to time. However, what many people do is to let it affect them negatively. The next time you feel frustrated, perhaps it may be useful to look at what is frustrating you from a different perspective. Instead of letting anger affect you, taking what frustrates you as a source of amusement and laughing it off may be a more helpful coping mechanism against anger. In the local context, there is also one way of managing stress that has become increasingly popular. As of 2017, rage rooms that provide an outlet to destroy and smash things have invaded the internet as one of the year’s latest trends. Although it may sound unconventional and unheard of, there are many positive reviews about the trend and many have attested the claims of rage rooms helping in releasing pent up anger and reducing stress.

Finally, another way of coping with mental health issues is to reach out and seek professional assistance. If speaking to your close friends and family still doesn’t improve the situation, perhaps it is a sign that further assistance is required. Not only does keeping your feelings to yourself not help with overcoming depression, it is also likely to aggravate it. Therefore, psychologists and psychiatrists are there to help as they are better informed about therapies for behaviour change and medicine that can help with things like stress.

Written by Carene Keh